The People of Cape York Peninsula will have the capabilities to choose lives they have reason to value.

Welcome to Cape York Partnerships

Cape York Partnerships is a development organisation aimed at ensuring the people of Cape York Peninsula have the capabilities to choose lives they have reason to value.

The organisation enables reform by building innovative partnerships between Indigenous individuals, families and communities, government and the philanthropic and corporate sectors.

We Indigenous people in Cape York Peninsula will overcome the burdens of history and recent welfare dependence and dysfunction to become a prosperous yet distinctly Indigenous people whose children can walk in two worlds and enjoy the best of both.

Noel Pearson, Executive Chairman, Cape York Partnerships

Our Performance: $1 million milestone

Parents in Cape York welfare reform communities of Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale and Mossman Gorge continue to keep their children's education as a high priority contributing an impressive $1 million in savings through their Student Education Trusts.

The Student Education Trust was established in 1996 and to date holds more than 520 student trusts. Parents and carers have spent $419,972 in savings on educational material for their children.

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